What type of methods are used to cook Mexican food?

Mexican food is prepared in the same way as your daily meals.¬†You can fry, boil, or grill them.¬†Mexico’s food has been prepared differently in the past.

The ovens we use today were not available to the Mexican natives long ago. They would have to cook their food over an open fire.

They would keep the food in iron pans and pots. It was cooked in the same way as we grill our food on the barbecue. The Aztecs used two-handled clay pots called xoctli to boil and steam food before the Spaniards introduced iron pots. The food was placed in the pot and then heated on the fire. Frying was a popular method of cooking. This method is still used in many Mexican dishes.

It is much easier to prepare Mexican food today. The preparation of the food takes less time. Iron pans are great for making homemade tortillas. Spring form pans make flan easy. Making masa was an ancient process that required a lot of grinding. A metal grinder can be purchased to grind the masa.

It is ideal for many Mexican dishes. The oven makes it easy to cook vegetables and meats. You can place them in a pot of boiling water and let them simmer for hours. Tamales are easier to prepare with larger steaming pots. It is possible to make multiple tamales at once and steam them all. Tamales can take a while to prepare so large pots are ideal.

A great way to enjoy authentic Mexican food is to grill on the barbecue. Barbacoa was a long-standing method of cooking. This method involved steaming meat in boiling water and then placing it in a deep pit. Cactus and banana leaves were used to wrap the meat before steaming it. Barbecuing is a great way to let the sauces and spices shine. It tastes just like the food used to taste when it was cooked over open fires. Fajitas are delicious on the grill.

The natives used metate y mano for centuries. It was a large tool made of lava rock and stone. The surface was slightly concave. This tool was used for mash ingredients. Molcajete was another tool used to mix ingredients. It was a mortar and pestle. You must be able stir when cooking. For centuries, wooden spoons were used and are still in use. Depending on the type of dish you’re making, there are many types available today. Some are designed to stir thicker foods while others can be used for stirring vegetables like onions and garlic.

Mexican food has a long history. Although modern methods have been used, the traditional Mexican food remains unchanged. You will experience different tastes and textures depending on how you cook the food. You can cook many Mexican dishes and still enjoy them.

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