Top 5 Selling Cocktails Around The World

Nowadays varieties of cocktails are available for the people to try. Cocktails mean those drinks that have mixture of two or three ingredients with alcohol. These two or more ingredients are basically blend of water, sugar, mixture of spirits and bitter or sour. Today’s cocktail drinks usually consist of one or more types of spirits and mixers that are further added with a variety of herbs, honey, sugar, milk or cream.

While there are several cocktails available in bars and clubs, here we will tell you the top seller cocktail drinks around the world.

1. Bloody Mary

absolut-bloody-maryThe top selling cocktail drink in the world is Bloody Mary. Its name is Bloody Mary because the color of this cocktail match with the color of blood because of tomato juice which is the main ingredient of this cocktail. However, Bloody Mary comprises of various other ingredients and therefore it is also known as world’s most complex cocktail. No one is able to recognize its all ingredients but the three prime ingredients of this cocktail are tomato juice, vodka and lime juice. So what is reason of its complexity? Actually it is combined with some of the spices and flavors like Tabasco sauce, salt, Worcestershire sauce and pepper. Sometimes celery, olive, horseradish, bouillon and cayenne pepper are mixed into this drink.

2. Screwdriver

The second top selling cocktail drink is Screwdriver. It is a highball drink which is basically prepared with the use of vodka and orange juice. However, one can notice its different variants in different countries and places. Because of its two main ingredients it is sometimes known as’ vodka and orange’. The name of this cocktail drink was invented when American engineers mix vodka with orange juice and then stirred it with screwdrivers. Therefore this cocktail drink got the name ‘Screwdriver’.

3. Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre comes in third place in top selling cocktail drinks. Cuba Libre simply denotes Free Cuba which consists of cola, lime and rum. It is a highball cocktail drink. It is also known as Coke and Rum especially in North America. There is no evidence of its historical account around the world , but, since its name is Cuba Libre, it is believed that it was first made in Cuba.

4. Martini

The fourth place in top selling cocktail drinks goes to Martini. The prime reason of its popularity is because of James Bond who has used it in many of its movies. The main ingredients of Martini include vermouth, gin and vodka. The garnishing of this cocktail is done with lime twist or olive. Historical account of Martini is also unclear just like Cuba Libre.

5. Margarita

Margarita comes in fifth place in top selling cocktail drinks around the world. It is very popular drink among ladies. The prime ingredients are Cointreau or any orange flavor liqueur, lemon juice and tequila. Similar to other cocktail drinks, Margarita also has different variants. Margarita is usually served in tall glass whose rim is lightly covered with salt and rubbed with lime juice in order to keep the salt in its place.

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