Taking Stock of Leftovers

A large roast bird is a great choice for a large gathering. A roast of this type will not only be delicious but it will also give your guests a feeling of luxury and extravagance.

After the entertainment of carving and the pleasure of the feast, however, there will always be leftovers. Although cold cuts with pickles are a favorite and a great treat for the next day, you might feel sick after the fourth or fifth helping. You may also start to regret purchasing such a large bird.

Even though it’s a disposable society, throwing away a roast when there’s so much to be gained seems like a waste. But what do you do if you don’t want another piece of chicken?

You can make a stock by capturing the flavor of the bird in a liquid form that can be used for several weeks or even months, adding an extra layer to your daily meals.

Even though it is a complicated topic, the process of making stock is very straightforward. First, remove as much meat from the bones as possible. With a pair strong kitchen scissors, break up the bones into small pieces. Then add any remaining skin or meat to a roasting pan.

You can roast the mixture in the oven until it takes on color. However, you don’t want to burn the meat.

After the bones are roasted to perfection you can add them to large pans with basic flavorings like a carrot, celery, and an onion. You may also have some other ingredients in your pantry. Bring the contents to a boil in a large saucepan. Once the water has boiled, reduce heat to a simmer and cook for about an hour.

Some people like to add peppercorns or bay leaves to their stockpot before they cook. It is important to not add too many strong flavors to the meat. Also, it is important to be careful with seasoning. As the stock cooks, the flavor intensifies and salt can become overwhelming. Salt should only be added at the end of cooking to ensure safety.

After the stock has simmered for at least an hour, strain it through a fine sieve or a double thickness muslin. You can now discard any solids as they have completed their task and are no longer flavourful.

Now your basic stock can be made into a nutritious broth using the meat that you have removed from the bones. You can also boil your stock until it becomes thick and syrupy.

You can freeze this in an ice cube tray. A few cubes can be added to future recipes to replace a stock cube. This will keep your holiday feast a lasting memory for many months.

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