For the budget-minded who are looking for a standard rice cooker of decent quality, the Cuisinart CRC rice cooker is a solid choice. While it is short on feature it is high on value. This cute little 4-cup rice cooker is one of the ‘cook and keep warm’ types of rice cookers, which means that all you have to do is fill it with the rice and water and then power it on. The small appliance cooks the rice and then automatically switches to the ‘warm’ setting when it is done. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Features of the Cuisinart CRC Rice Cooker

Despite being one of the more value-price rice cooker, you can actually cook more than rice in this appliance. It can be used for vegetables and meats as well.

One my favorite things about this rice cooker is how great it looks on the counter. Unlike other rice cookers, it has a cool, square shape, which takes up minimal space on the kitchen counter top. The exterior is a brushed stainless steel, which has a great modern look, and is topped with a simple glass lid. The interior steaming basket is also made of stainless steel.

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This Cuisinart rice cooker is ideal for a small family or single person as it has a 4-cup capacity. If you really like the features and design though, you can also find it in a higher priced 8-cup capacity version.

All of the parts that can be removed are dishwasher safe. And the cooking bowl has a non-stick surface, which means that you get an easy cleanup when you use the CRC rice cooker. Once it is clean and you are not using it, the cord is retractable so that you don’t have it strung out on your kitchen counter.

In the box for this Cuisinart rice cooker, you will find a measuring cup, recipe booklet and a paddle. The paddle will help you remove the food from the rice cooker. And the measuring cup will ensure that you get the proper amount of water and rice in the appliance for optimal cooking results.

Summary of features:

  • Modern square, stainless steel design with glass lid
  • Retractable cord
  • Cook and keep warm type of rice cooker
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Multi-purpose use rice cooker
  • Interior stainless steel steaming basket
  • 4-cup capacity
  • Non-stick cooking bowl
  • Comes with measuring cup, paddle and recipe booklet

Cuisinart CRC Rice Cooker Advantages & Disadvantages

The best thing about this rice cooker is how great it looks. Many of the other rice cookers are rounded and have a somewhat clunky appearance. On the flip side, this rice cooker from Cuisinart has a trendy, stainless steel look and it takes up hardly any space at all.

One of the big disadvantages of this rice cooker is that it doesn’t work as expected if you follow the manufacturer’s directions, which means that you end up with a big mess in your kitchen and burned rice due to no water being left in the bowl. Instead, you have to make some adjustments to their directions and slightly lower the amount of water until you successfully make a batch of rice that does not overflow from the Cuisinart rice cooker.

With long-term use, you might begin to notice some problems with the non-stick coating on your rice bowl. It almost seems as if it starts to chip and crack. This seems to happen even if you are only using the included paddle and are hand-washing with a soft sponge.

A possible disadvantage for busy people is the fact that you cannot set a timer on this machine like you can with some higher end rice cookers. However, the ‘keep warm’ function on this rice cooker is a decent substitute for that feature.