Porter vs. Stout: Which One Try Out For A Food Pairing? The Choice Is Yours

Beer is one of those few realms which have innumerable layers to it. A horizon encompassing copious styles and types, the kind of diversity to be found here is a sheer delight for the beer aficionados. However, it is this assortment present which has often led to the initiation of several arguments among the beer buffs. Discussing over numerous beer topics, there is usually a contradiction among the common perceptions about it.

A best example to describe this is the confusion many of us face in differentiating between a porter from a stout. If we go by the previous records then we will come across the multiple statements and reasons cited for the same. Each having its own ideology, a definite conclusion has been the aim of every endeavor. One of the differential factors which have been mentioned is the presence of chocolate malt in porter and patent malt in stouts. Reading most of the differences put up, I personally believe that a brief understanding of both these two beer styles is helpful as their history and growth is closely connected.

Porter is defined as a dark beer made with roasted malts and originated from brown beer.  Immensely preferred among the class of porters, it was its eminence here which bestowed it with the name of ‘porter’. Going by the popular saying, the term stout came to the picture to denote the stronger versions of porter. Initially Extra Porter, Double Porter and Stout Porter were the terms which were used to define the strong variation of porters which gradually were abridged to just ‘Stout’.

Brewing and taste are two important parameters which help us differentiate a porter from a stout. Malted barley is typically used in brewing porter while unmalted roasted barley is used in the brewing process of stouts. The use of unmalted roasted barley is done in stouts as it gives the stout the desired bitterness level and also supplements it with a roasted aroma. It is the use of barley which influences the taste of the porter and stout. With the use of roasted barley in stout, it renders a dry bitter flavour to it while porter is relatively sweet in its taste.

I believe that stout may turns an afternoon spent indoors from gloomy and rainy day to an instant Italian vacation.  I feel that a simple pizza provides a great platform to explore the best beverage options. (We can get more complicated with toppings down the road.) My favorite pairings with pizzas is of course a stout, as because when i last traveled to Dublin, i used to have PIZZA DELLA CASA from toscana pizzeria, this restaurant is always my favorite as they have provision of giving with any three toppings of your choice. I always preferred with semi-dried cherry tomatoes and lot of cheese, i personally feel that  Dry Stouts and porter are a good companion for my pizza night. I found porter is much flavorful and refreshing with good carbonation.

Any ways i would always suggest my favorite beer pairings with some of this great dishes

Porter And Dry Stouts: These are just rocking and excellent with a good hearty soup/stew, chicken strips and herbed cream. Beef preparation with brown gravy. Last time when i prepared pan cake with beer just replacing water it was just awesome, remember always in giving parmesan cheese + plus extra beer if necessary

Imperial Stout & sweet Stout: These are perfect for a dessert combination if you consider in pairing with hot chocolate with a bitter taste……they just bring the original flavour of stout.

I would always endeavor to try out chocolate raspberry dish or chocolate fondue with stout. Panna cotta with wild berries is just a perfect blend with Porter. Next time i will definitely come up with these recipes as its one of my favorite dessert from Toscana Restaurant and a great companion with my favorite beer stout.

Porter and Stouts have an extensive variety to them which have been satiating the quench of beer lovers like you and me. Some of the famous porter varieties include American Porter, London Porter and Baltic Porter. Each having their own characteristic, some good brands in this are Fuller’s London Porter and Anchor Brewing Co.’s Anchor Porter. Stout on the other hand pampers its fanatics with four different kinds which are Dry Stout, Imperial Stout, Milk Stout and Oatmeal Stout. Young’s Oatmeal Stout and Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout are renowned brands here.

Andy Steven is an author. He loves to travel worldwide. Lately he visited Dublin and simply got enchanted, the city is always celebrating something it’s simply full of life, no matter how old you are its a great place to travel.

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