Knife Sets Provide Knives For All Circumstances

santoku knifeWhile many chefs or food business owners prefer to buy their knives singly in order to ensure that they buy the precise blades that they need, buying a knife set can be a great way to launch a restaurant kitchen or catering business off the ground. Knife sets are convenient because they provide a collection of the most frequently used knives. A knife set usually features a block or storage compartment that houses all the knives in an easy-to-reach location. If you are considering purchasing a knife set for your industrial kitchen, here are some knives that you will likely want to make sure are included in the set.

Steak Knives

You can also find knife sets that are simply a collection of high quality steak knives.  A steak knife features a sturdy, somewhat shorter, blade and comfortable handle for cutting through thick cut steaks.  There is very little side-to-side give in a steak knife. This helps the blade hold up to tougher cuts of meat. Steak knives also feature a serrated edge which is used to carve through fat and connective tissue in cuts of meat. Many knife sets come with several different steak knives or several of the same steak knives because this knife type is so versatile.

Paring Knife

Paring knives are another important knife style that should be included in a high quality commercial knife set. A paring knife is the shortest of the knife blades. Paring knives feature a sharp, rounded edge that is perfect for peeling fruit and vegetables. The short blade allows chefs to work with these knives in close quarters and control the movement of the blade more effectively.

Chef Knife

A chef’s knife is a large knife that is used for a variety of purposes. Chef’s knives are intended to allow a professional chef to accomplish a lot of chopping and dicing with minimal activity. Because the blade of a chef’s knife is so large and sharp, a chef can expose more of the food to the blade with each movement of the knife. Chef’s knives that are included in a knife set may not suit the needs and preferences of all chefs. Many chefs are very particular about these knives, so they may wish to purchase them separately. However, you can evaluate different brands and manufacturers to find a knife set with a chef’s blade that suits your needs.

Santoku Blade

A Santoku knife is a Japanese knife that is being featured in many knife sets manufactured throughout the world. This blade features a flat bottom, which makes it perfect for chopping vegetables and fruit. The entire length of the sharp blade will hit the cutting surface at the same time, so chopping is even and consistent. The Santoku blade also features a series of divots or indentations that allow for air to pass across the knife during cutting. This may help to prevent food from sticking to the blade.

Bread Slicing Knife

A bread slicing knife is a large serrated knife that allows a chef to slice beautiful lengths of bread without crushing the loaf. The serration on a bread slicing knife is much deeper and more prominent than the subtle serration on a steak knife. Bread slicing knives are often used to slice overripe fruit or vegetables, as well.


One final accessory that should be included in a high quality knife set is a knife sharpener. While not technically a knife, a long metal sharpener will extend the life of your knife set and allow you to keep all your knives working in top condition. If your knife set doesn’t include a sharpener, you’ll likely want to invest in one.

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