Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter

My husband has been bugging me about getting a single serve Keurig coffee maker for the past couple of months. I think he likes it more because it’s really high tech looking machine. Yup, that’s my husband for you – forget if it’s functional, just invest $150 bucks because it’s cool looking. Thank goodness at least one of us is level headed in the household.

Right now, we currently use a no name brand at home because when our last one stopped working a few months ago, I quickly went over to the Superstore and picked one up only because it was late at night and I wanted to have coffee in the morning.

However, it really got me thinking with Xmas coming up and the fact that many times, we are both in a hurry and the last thing I want to do is make 6 – 8 cups of coffee, when I know we will just dump half of the pot down the drain.

I started checking around online at my favorite place – Amazon because I know they have customer reviews, which is really important when it comes to buying or not buying a particular item.

I was chatting with my hubby the other day to discuss about getting a new Keurig coffee machine. I brought up that the advantage of using this type of system, we can buy prepackaged K-Cups.

Right now we are deciding on Keurig B60 Special Edition or Keurig K475 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker . Both have received positive customer feedback. However, my husband is not sold on the Keurig Coffee itself and wanted to know about an option to using his favorite coffee instead.

Fortunately, they do offer a solution in the form of the Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter. It’s the same as using a coffee filter in a regular machine, except it’s designed for a single cup of java.

Here are a few things to know about the Reusable K-Cup filter:

  • Exclusive reusable K-Cup coffee filter
  • Use your own favorite gourmet coffee
  • Currently – can be used in the B50 Ultra, B40 Elite and B60 Special Edition
  • It doesn’t work in the B100, B100P, or B2000/3 Keurig brewers
  • Simple clean up – rinse under water after each use
  • Saves you money by buying coffee in bulk instead of the K-Cups

>> For Price and Customer Reviews – Click Here <<


Based on all the research I’ve done so far and reading dozens of customer reviews, some people are suggesting getting 2 of these filters. Use one for coffee and the other for tea. It does make complete sense because you don’t want an after taste of tea mixed in with your coffee. Besides, these filters are cheap.

I will say, that I have tried the Keurig and their coffee packets. Overall, their coffee is very good. It’s always nice to have some options though, especially when using a single serve coffee maker. These types of machines are in big demand and I would have to say, right now Keurig is leading the way in this category.

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