Indian Cookery with A British Twist Word Count

In traditional Indian homes, the mother and wife do not work. She spends her time at home making sure her family has healthy and delicious food available whenever they need it. They will also help if there are older women, such as aunts and grandmothers. A girl from India will learn to cook very early and help her mother with household cleaning and catering.

A daughter will learn to grind spices and mix them to create different masalas. She will also be taught how to add them to specific dishes. She will be able to make chapattis, rotis and parathas. She will be able to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously, so no Indian meal will consist of just one dish. Additionally, she will learn how to make crispy onion bhajis, pakora, and deep-fried onion pakora. A girl’s ability to cook can make all the difference in her husband finding her.

It’s obvious that Indian cooking is delicious, but the process of creating a meal can be complex and time-consuming, even for the most skilled Indian housewife. This is the traditional way. Modern-day India and Britain, where many Indian families make their home, are very different. Indian women are often not able to stay at home during the day.

They need to get out of the house to work. Indian girls who grew up in Britain are able to see their friends go shopping, visit their friends, and then to work. They don’t want their mothers to be stuck at home, sweating and slaving over a stove. They don’t want Indian culture and cuisine to disappear. How do you provide a meal when Indian cuisine is not an option? Vicky Bhogal found the solution. She explores the culinary challenges of an Indian girl living in Britain in Cooking Like Mamaji and offers an interesting solution.

This is what we might call fusion cooking. It combines the flavors of India with the simplicity of British family meals. The results are fantastic and take very little time. Fishcakes with Bite are my favorite, and Green Masala Roast Chicken is a great choice for Sunday lunch. My website has all the Indian cooking information you need.