Healthy and Delicious Salad in 10 minutes

Has this ever happened to you after getting home from a long hard day at work? You look in the fridge and cupboards, trying to decide on what to eat, except you are not really in the mood to cook for the next hour or so.

Here’s a super simple solution that’s extremely healthy, tastes great and easy to make in under 10 minutes.


  • Organic baby spinach salad
  • Organic baby kale
  • Organic baby Arugula
  • handful of chopped walnuts
  • handful of almonds/peacans
  • chopped snow peas
  • finely diced carrots
  • black olives
  • balsamic and olive oil dressing

From start to finish, this salad took me under 10 minutes to make. You can mix and match to suit your own needs. On the way home, grab a BBQ chicken and add some chopped up chicken to kick it up a notch. My husband and I will usually mix something like this together for our lunch to take to work. We like to add a can of salmon or tuna to change it up.

This is literally one of the healthiest meals you could eat. If you are looking to lose some weight as well, try eating this at least once per day. The other thing that we do on a regular daily basis is have a green smoothie using our brand new Nutribullet. If you want to read up on my personal review  of this device РClick Here.

See you again soon with another delicious and healthy meal

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