Fusion Cooking – Blended Cuisines

What happens when hot Indian food is combined with English love for tomatoes and creamy foods? Chicken Tikka Masala, a popular combination of chicken tikka (marinated meat) and masala (coal-fired Indian oven). Masala is a gravy made from tomato puree or gravy with cream. It can also be called a gravy of tomatoes, which is a mixture of various Indian spices.

Chicken Tikka Masala, a popular Indian dish, is now the number one seller. It sells 18 tons of chicken in Tikka Masala Sandwiches every week, while Indian restaurants sell 23 million meals a year. Another retailer is Sainsburys. It sells 1.6 Million dishes each year and stocks 16 products that contain what is affectionately called CTM. Noon Products manufactures 10 tons per day for later sale at supermarkets.

Although chicken is widely considered to be an Indian dish in many circles, it does not originate from India. It is believed that the dish originated in London and Glasgow. According to urban legend, the dish was created by a Bangladeshi chef in Britain when he served chicken tandoor to an Englishman and was asked, “Where’s my gravy?”

What is the secret ingredient in chicken tikka masala recipe? What goes into a chicken tikka masala? It is not as spicy as tandoori chicken.

Is chicken tikka masala an English or an Indian dish? It is not clear as to which Indian dish chicken tikka masala is.

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