For The Coffee Connoisseur – Hawaiian Coffees

coffee pictureIn this hectic world with its long commutes and mind numbingly long workdays, coffee is a popular treat and, for some, a necessity. For the average person, a simple store-bought coffee is fine for home and a coffee or specialty coffee drink like a cappuccino or latte from the corner coffee shop is a treat or sometimes a weekly drive-through tradition. A coffee connoisseur, though, is probably looking for something more unique out of his coffee.

What is a coffee connoisseur? The coffee connoisseur is someone who loves coffee and often has various coffee-related paraphernalia around his home. He may use special brewing methods or have a preference for a certain type of coffee maker (i.e.; making french pressed coffee or using a pour-over method to make coffee cup-by-cup). This person is likely pickier about his choice of coffee and, for a person trying to select coffees as a gift for this type of person, selecting a coffee can be a daunting experience. In these cases, though, an easy go-to coffee is one grown and roasted in Hawaii.

What Makes Hawaiian Coffee Special?

Hawaiian coffees, commonly known as “Kona” coffees after the region from which many of the coffees come, are fairly rare compared to the coffees coming from Central and South America and usually are considerably more expensive because of this. For the coffee connoisseur, the rarity of these coffees is part of the appeal, since it means they can be harder to come by and makes them a special addition to one’s coffee collection. Kona coffees are also considered a good choice of gift for the coffee connoisseur because of their delicate but pronounced flavors. The climate of Hawaii lends really well to the growth of coffee plants because it is tropical and the volcanic soil of Hawaii gives a special quality to the plants grown in the area. Hawaiian coffees have a good balance of acidity and sweetness because of the conditions in which the plants are grown mimicking those found in the more common coffee-growing areas of Central and South America.

What Does One Look For In Selecting A Kona Coffee

Some stores sell Kona blend coffees and these are cheaper and easier to mass-produce because they do not consist of 100% Kona coffee beans. These make good gifts as well but, for the true coffee connoisseur, a bag of 100% Kona coffee beans which is undiluted by the addition of more common types of coffee beans, is a special treat. 100% Kona coffees can be found in various boutique coffee stores online and off but buying directly from Hawaii is a good way to ensure the coffee actually 100% Kona beans as advertised. A quick internet search should point shoppers in the right direction to locate a good local Hawaiian coffee company. Some companies take part of their profits from the sale of Kona coffees and put those monies towards the local communities from which the coffees come (by planting new trees, for example, to replace those cut down to grow coffee); these can be a good choice for the globally and environmentally conscious shopper as well.

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