Finding a good blender and a high quality food processor can be difficult, especially if you are looking for an all in one machine. However, if you take a look at the Ninja Kitchen System 1100, then you might find just what you have been looking for. This versatile machine can do the work of both a blender and a food processor all by itself. >> Click Here For Prices and Customer Reviews

Key Features of the Ninja Kitchen System

With this Ninja Kitchen System 1100, includes a 72 oz. pitcher, complete with a lid for all of your blending needs. And for your food processor needs, you will find a 40 oz. work bowl, also with a lid. These two pieces are interchangeable on the base of the unit, making it a processor one minute and a blender the next.

With the Ninja 1100, you also get some attachments included with the small appliance. You get a whisk attachment, a dough paddle, a dough hook, a blade for the 72 oz. pitcher, and a blade for the 40 oz. work bowl. With these attachments you can do everything with this food processor system from making a fresh fruit smoothie, to knead bread or pizza dough, to slice veggies for a stir fry dinner.

>> Click Here For Prices and Customer Reviews <<

This model also comes with a free cookbook. In the cookbook, you will find all kinds of different ninja recipes that you can make using your new small appliance.

Pros & Cons of the Ninja 1100

When using the Ninja 1100 to knead dough, whether it is cookie dough or pizza dough, your dough will likely get stuck to the walls. This is because of the square design. You can use a spatula to move the dough around, but that kind of defeats the purpose of using this unit to knead dough for you.

If you use the 1100 model for juicing, then you better like pulp in your juice. Unfortunately this machine does not remove all of the clumps when juicing because there is no filter. However, it is perfect for making smoothies and salsas. You can also check out a great alternative – see my nutribullet review for making great smoothies.

Pouring from the bowl is extremely easy and mess-free because you can actually remove the blade before you pour. However, you have to be extremely careful with the blades because they are incredibly sharp and you will cut your finger before you know it.

Other Features of the Ninja Food Processor

A neat feature of the Ninja 1100 is that you can chop up ice into a fine powder. This is the perfect smoothie blender when the weather is warm and you want to make your own snow cones, which is not something that you can do with a regular blender. The fact of the matter, unlike typical blenders, there is so much versatility that you can do with this unit. It really is like having 4 different machines in one.