A food processor is a great little gadget to add to your kitchen arsenal if you do not already own one. Generally, these small appliances are very compact in size and can easily be placed in a corner on your kitchen counter or on the shelf in one of your cabinets. Of course, some food processors come loaded with additional features that make them slightly larger in size. In fact, some processors are two in one machines and can do the work of a blender or juicer in addition to the regular food processing duties. These types of processors are most commonly used to puree, chop, grind and slice. Primarily they are used with vegetables, but can be used with anything, including coffee and nuts.

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Food Processor Reviews & More

When shopping for a new blender/processor, it is a good idea to check out the reviews on the units you are considering. This is a good way to know if the machine will live up to your expectations. Some common problems include, the blade not reaching all of the food and leakage out of the top of the work bowl when pureeing or processing something with a lot of liquid.

It is also a good idea to pay special attention to the size of the work bowl included with any blender or processor you decide to purchase. And if you intend to give the appliance a lot of use, you might want to stick with machines that come with more than one work bowl. This can be of real benefit because it means that you will not need to empty and clean the work bowl to use with more than one item per meal.

Cuisinart – One of the Best Food Processor Picks

Cuisinart often tops the list of the best selling food processors, and for good reason. Cuisinart makes several high quality units in a variety of sizes and with different accessories and options to meet any home cook’s needs. You can get stand alone Cuisinart unit that also work as a blender. One of the features that seems to be on most Cuisinart models is a wide feeding tube, which is great for adding in those veggies that need sliced and diced. A good choice among the Cuisinart brand is the Cuisinart Elite Collection. It has a large capacity and a very powerful 1000 watt motor. You can even use it to knead dough for bread, pizza and cookies. Plus, it come with a total of three works bowls in various sizes.