Five Reasons to Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

It was once common to have your own fruit or vegetable garden. However, this trend has fallen out of favor as the food industry became more commercialized and supermarkets took over. However, people are re-experiencing growing their own food in recent years. We have listed 5 reasons to start your own kitchen garden.

– Freshness

Picked fruits and vegetables are better quality and healthier. Fruit purchased from supermarkets or similar places is often picked before it is fully ripe. This extends shelf life and can have an effect on the flavour. You can grow your own produce and get the best possible taste

  • Quality

Many crops grown commercially are chosen for their uniform appearance, high yields and long shelf life. This is often more important than quality and taste. Grow your own crops and you can focus on the quality, not the economics.

– Prices

Many supermarket fresh produce are extremely overpriced despite the claims they make. You can grow your own seeds for a fraction of the cost of buying them. Even small plants purchased will likely produce better food at a cheaper price. You can grow multiple plants and use the seeds from one season to make new plants. This cycle is self-sustaining and will only cost you time and effort.

– Provenance

People are becoming more concerned about the production of our food, with GM and chemical pesticides being a major concern. You can know exactly where and how your food was grown by having your own vegetable garden.


There are thousands of varieties of vegetables and fruits, but supermarkets tend not to stock the best-selling and most profitable. This means that we are often restricted to just a few varieties of apples, instead of the hundreds of other types that are available. You can pick the ones you love the most and then experiment with new varieties that you won’t find on sale.

It takes effort and time, which is a drawback to all of this. We might be busy and not have the time. However, starting small with some herbs or tomato plants on your windowsill will give you the opportunity to grow your own plants. It might even inspire you to keep growing them for the rest of your life.

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