It is important to wash rice thoroughly. It is best to wash the rice in a colander and then soak it in hot water. The rice should be rubbed with your hands. After that, you can drain the water by removing the colander from the water and changing the water until the water is clear. This will allow the grit to be deposited in the water and leave the rice completely clean.

Steaming rice is the best way to cook it. It loses some of its nitrogenous elements if it is boiled in too much water. Rice takes less time to cook than other grains. Rice, like all other dried grains and seeds expands during cooking to several times its original volume. Each grain of rice should be cooked separately and perfectly tender.

Rice steamed.

For one hour soak a cup rice in one-fourth cup water. Then add a cup milk to make a dish that can be served from a table. Place the steamer or covered steamer in a saucepan of boiling water and steam for about an hour. For the first ten to fifteen minutes, stir it with a spoon.

Boiled rice (Japanese technique).

After thoroughly cleaning the rice, soak it in water for at least an hour. Drain the rice and cook it in a similar amount of boiling water. A stewpan with a tightly fitted cover is recommended for cooking.

Bring the water to boil, then add the rice and stir. Cover the pot with a lid that can be easily removed during boiling.

As the water boils, steam will rise from the cover. However, when the water is almost evaporated (depending on the quality and age of the rice), only a slight hint of steam can be seen. The stewpan should then be moved from the stove to an area where it won’t burn to allow the stewpan to cool and dry for 15 to 20 minutes.

To boil rice in an ordinary way, you will need two cups of water and one cupful of rice. The rice should be quickly boiled until it is tender. Once it has cooled, drain the water and place in a dry oven. It will become more flaky and dry by being lightly picked and lifted with a fork. However, it is important to not mash the rice grains.

Rice with fig sauce

Make a cupful of the best rice according to the instructions. When it is done, add a spoonful of the fig sauce. Serve a spoonful with each rice saucer. This recipe makes rice wholesome and healthy, as it doesn’t need any dressing.

Orange rice.

Steam the rice after washing it. Cut the oranges into halves by separating them into sections. Let the oranges stand for a while before adding the sugar. Place a small portion of the orange on each bowl of rice.

Raisin rice

Wash a cupful rice and soak it in water. Once the rice is soaked, steam it as directed. Stir in the raisins and a cupful of rice once the rice has swelled but not softened. Serve with cream.

Rice with peaches

Once the rice is cooked, steam it and then serve with cream and a well-ripened peach. Slice each dish to enjoy the cream.

Browned rice

Place a cupful rice in a small baking dish and bake at moderate heat for about 20 minutes. To prevent it from burning, and ensure uniform color, you will need to stir the rice frequently. When sufficiently brown, each rice kernel should have a yellowish-brown color, similar to ripened wheat.

You can steam the same way as normal rice. Use only two cups of water per cup of brown rice and skip the initial soaking. Each kernel will become separated, dry, and mealy when properly cooked. This method makes rice more digestible than if it is cooked with no browning.

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