Create An Amazing 3 Course BBQ Buffet

When it comes to cooking on a BBQ it is great to look for new ideas of what to cook, or what sauce to use as a marinade etc. Barbequing food is a fun and creates a really quick yet flavour some meal. If you want to have some fun with the family this weekend, then get yourself a BBQ from Smiths Nurseries and host your own garden party. Take a look at these food ideas to make sure you serve up lots of delicious options!


You do not have to split out your BBQ food into these three different sections; however it is great if you can offer various bits and pieces when lot of people are there to be fed. These food types are lighter than the main meat feast so can be seen as a starter, but would also be fantastic for vegetarians to fill up on.

• Corn on the cob – this is amazing on a barby, and when covered in butter it becomes a really tasty treat that everyone can enjoy.
• Mini mushroom burgers – a light snack that will get you ready for the main event, they also look a bit like a pizza if you melt some cheese on top of the mushroom and place a big tomato on top, great for enticing children to try them.
• Potato salad – You don’t have to cook everything on the barbeque, so this makes a great starter. Simply cook some new potatoes, leave them in the fridge to cool then mix them up in mayonnaise and add a few herbs.


The main event of course calls to be a meaty affair, but you can also offer some tasty fish and vegetable options for those who don’t eat meat. Make sure if you used your BBQ for starters that it still has enough coal to burn and is hot enough. You need to make sure meat like chicken is cooked all the way through; it is a great idea to use mini fillets as full chicken breasts can be a bit trickier to cook.

• Beef burgers – why mess with a classic? You need these on your BBQ and could put out some relish, mustard, ketchup and other sauces so people can customize it to their tastes
• Chicken burgers – These taste amazing with mayonnaise and lettuce, plus if you leave the fillets overnight in the fridge in marinade beforehand, they will have an even tastier twist to them.
Vegetable kebabs – For the none meat eaters you cant go wrong with veggie kebabs, you could call individuals to the kitchen to decide which fruit and veg they want placing on the skewer to make them more personalized. Just make sure to leave a section of the BBQ free where meat won’t touch the surface.
• Salmon – As far as fish goes, salmon tastes amazing when cooked properly on a BBQ. It depends on how thick the fillet is on the cooking time, but an average pieces takes 15-20 minutes.


You may be thinking that dessert cannot be cooked on a BBQ. However there are some ways to incorporate afters into your meal, with some other options that are easy to put out without grilling too.

• Chocolate banana split – Place a banana in foil, make a cut down the center and stick some chunks of chocolate inside. Wrap it up in the foil and place on the BBQ, the fruit will be a bit charred and the chocolate melted – yum!
• Fruit salad – the sun is out and natural sweet treats are the perfect dessert choice, plus a healthy option for those trying not to overload on food.
• Marshmallows and fondue – Pierce some marshmallows onto skewers and hold them over the BBQ so they become a bit gooey, then stick them in some melted chocolate and eat, this is an ideal and indulgent way to finish off a scrumptious meal.

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