“Choose. Brew. Enjoy.” is what you are urged to do by Keurig; manufacturers of the Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home Brewing System.

Clearly, many people in the US have taken that prodding to heart as evidenced by the impressive fact that 6% of all coffee brewed in the US is from a Keurig machine. Single serve coffee machines have been the “new latest trend” in coffee for a few years now, and are showing no signs of losing favor.

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The Keurig Brewing system has positioned itself as the answer to any and every hankering you could ever have for a hot beverage, whether you prefer coffee, cocoa, or tea. The Keurig B60 is the mid-luxury home brewer, between the B40 Elite and B70 Platinum models. It is not the Rolls Royce of Keurigs, but the B60 will provide you with at least a BMW level experience. All of the Keurigs use the same basic process, and it’s up to you to decide how many bells and whistles you need or want!

The Keurig Home Brewer is what you might call complicated simplicity; it is technologically advanced coffee making that seeks to eliminate any finger lifting on your part. Their trademarked “K-Cups” provide a nearly endless number of options with almost any coffee brand, roast, bean type or blend, not to mention the massive selection of teas and other assorted hot beverages.

And just in case you haven’t found a favorite K-cup, Keurig invented the “My K-cup” which allows you to create your own personal coffee blend with a re-usable filter made to fit in your Keurig.

Looking at the overall selling points of The Keurig, let’s be honest, The Keurig’s primary appeal is not so much the quality of coffee it brews, the primary appeal is convenience. Although it does make a great cup of coffee too.

At 2.5 million Keurig beverages being dispensed each day in the US, the Keurig company has found that sweet, caffeinated spot between convenience and quality.


  •  LED control screen displays your custom beverage settings, programmable on and off function, and a clock. The blue backlighting makes this machine look ultra modern.
  • Water temperature control, some like it hot, some like it cold….
  • Choice of 3 preset beverage sizes, I always use a huge coffee mug, and so I love this option.
  • Removable 48oz water tank, makes occasionally cleaning the tank a breeze.
  • Dispenser height fits most travel mugs, not all single serve coffee machines fit the travel mugs, in fact, most do not. So if you want your coffee to go, then you have to make it in a coffee mug and transfer it into your travel mug. The height of this machine eliminates that non-sense!

Let’s take a look at what makes this machine great, and what needs a bit of work!


Simple– Push button technology and perfectly measured K-Cups eliminate the need for measuring and general pre-coffee decision making on your part!

Clean- No grinder to use, clean, or cause spills. No filter basket or carafe to clean. No chance of spilling the coffee from the carafe to the mug, and no coffee grounds on the countertop! This is really important for most people, especially me since I have 2 thumbs J in the kitchen.

Cost per cup- provides a significant savings over coffeehouse drinks.

Large Water Tank- enough for several beverages to be prepared in a row before refilling is needed, I’ll take them all, please.

Height of Dispenser- Unlike previous models of the Keurig Home-Brewing System, as well as competitor brands of single cup brewers, this model’s dispenser is high enough to comfortably fit a travel mug underneath. I’m SO glad that Keurig finally listened to consumers on this one!

It also functions wonderfully as a hot water dispenser.

Entertaining- The Keurig B60 can be fun at parties and gatherings where guests can have their own custom push-button drink and it tends to be a conversation starter too.

Final Comments

The Keurig Home Brewing System is recognized as the king of the single-cup brewers. They claim to have started a revolution, and while that sounds a little dramatic, their many adoring fans continue to happily stumble to their Keurig in the morning eager to pop in that K-Cup. Keurig is obviously doing something right.