Should I get one of those fun single cup brewers that are all the rage, or should I just get a good solid drip coffee maker? The Hamilton Beach Two Way Brewer Single Serve and 12 cup Coffee Maker solves the problem that today’s home brewed coffee drinkers are increasingly asking themselves.

The convenience and fun factor of the single serve machine has successfully wooed a new generation of coffee drinkers. The reason the single brew “revolution” has worked so well is because it’s got mass appeal. With a few exceptions in the Pacific Northwest, we are not a generation of coffee purists.

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We want fast, and we want “good enough”. Even people who won’t normally go out of their way for coffee find it hard to resist the clever single-serve brewer. They make it too easy; you don’t even have to talk to a barista. You can get your coffee kicks and be on your way!

Unlike other single-serve systems out there, the H.B. Two-Way Brewer does brew standard coffee grounds, but it also takes Senseo Coffee Pods for that fun convenience factor. Incidentally, the Senseo pods produce far less waste than the competitor products.

The other side of this coffee coin is the faithful drip coffee maker. A drip coffee maker (also originally known as the “dripolator”) may not be very exciting, but despite the appeal of the ever-trendy single-serve machines, a good drip coffee maker is still indispensable in the homes of habitual and occasional coffee drinkers alike.

The drip coffee maker is widely acknowledged as far more respectable than instant coffee. Plus, the drip coffee maker has become a standard item in the home entertainer’s repertoire.

The Hamilton Beach Two Way Brewer, also known by it’s trademarked name “The Brew”, wants to give you a double duty experience all in one appliance.

I hesitate to say it’s the “best of both worlds” because there is not a long list of options like what you will find with some of the popular single brew systems. However, both the single brew and 12 cup brew function brought together in one machine is truly innovative and solves a problem in the market for people who don’t want to own two coffee makers.

This machine’s time has come.

This is the 21st century; people want a coffee machine that can give them what they want, when they want it, how they want it.

“The Brew” can even meet the different needs of two people at the same time without anyone having to compromise.

Hamilton Beach Two Way Brewer Features

  • Two Different Brewing Systems- Brews a pot of coffee, a single cup or both at the same time.
  • Single serve brewer is compatible with Senseo Coffee Pods as well as loose ground coffee.
  • 12 cup brewer takes regular basket paper filters
  • Single-serve brewer comes with a permanent filter that also functions as a scoop and measure for coffee grounds.
  • Pause and serve function allows you to swipe a cup mid-brew.
  • Adjustable brew strength for your perfect cup of coffee
  • Programmable with backlit display
  • 12 cup glass carafe and travel mug included
  • Stylish stainless steel fits any décor style
  • Automatic shut-off after 2 hours

“The Brew” Pros

Versatility- Good for households that include decaf and regular drinkers with conflicting coffee interests. Since you can use the 2 separate brewing functions at once, you won’t have to compromise over decaf or regular.

Super Hot Coffee- Water temperature is essential to proper coffee brewing, and for the most part, the hotter the water the better. A coffee maker that can’t get the water hot enough can be a real problem unless you’re okay with consistently weak coffee.

Affordability– the H.B. Two-Way Brewer is less expensive than most single serve coffee machines. You are getting quite a lot of coffee maker for your money.

Hamilton Beach Two-Way Brewer Con

Above Average Size- At 13.7 x 11.4 x 15.4 inches, the size should be a consideration for those with limited counter space.

The Hamilton Beach Two Way Brewer is a great choice for a household divided into decaf and regular camps, as well as people who have different coffee needs or tastes at different times. The H.B. Two-Way Brewer is a good compromise for the average American coffee drinker’s variable needs; programmable? Check. Versatile? Check. Traditional features with nifty on-trend (single-serve) functions? Check!