I knew that when I started searching for an Espresso and Cappuccino machine, I would need to be prepared to do my research.  I am by no means an aficionado in Espresso and Cappuccino machines.  The last coffee machine we owned went up in flames in a house fire.  The house fire was not caused by the coffee maker, for those of you who feel the sudden need to check the flame resistance of your coffee machine.

I have several friends, who love their coffee drinks enough to only want to schedule any lunch dates at places that serve frothy coffee beverages. Being a mom of two small children, heading out to a crowded coffee house is not always feasible on short notice. I knew that owning a well-researched machine would bring my coffee loving friends back into my kitchen once again.  In my research I came across the De’Longhi EC155 15 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino maker.

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The EC155 is a sleek, black espresso machine with metal accents. It was designed and engineered in Italy.

The De’Longhi EC155 measures  7 ½ in by 9 ½in by 11½ in. This product is compact, taking up very little valuable counter space.  Space is something that always seems to be lacking, so this is a high priority for many people.

For those of us on a tight budget, the EC155 cannot be beat.

What are features that make this Espresso and Cappuccino machine so great?

  • Self-Priming –This self-priming machine eliminates the need for long start up preparations allowing you to get to that great cup of cappuccino or other espresso drink even sooner.
  • 2 Thermostats- Having two thermostats allows for the perfect temperature of both the espresso and the cappuccino.
  • Dual Function Filters- This wonderful feature allows for the use of E.S.E pods or ground espresso.   Who doesn’t love choices?
  • Swivel Frothing Wand – A cappuccino is not a cappuccino without the perfect froth.  The Swivel Wand on this product makes attaining that perfect froth a simple task.
  • Easy Clean Up- The water tank and drip tray are both removable, so clean up is fast and easy. The see through window behind the basket makes the water level easy to view.
  • On/ Off Switch With an Indicator Light- For those of us who like to check from across the room, or for that late night cup, this feature is a wonderful addition.  As a legally blind person, this is an especially important feature.
  • One year Warranty- Breathe easy for a year, knowing that your cappuccino and espresso machine is covered under warranty.

Pros and Cons of the De’Longhi EC155

My research found that the list of pros outweighed the list of negatives in this product.


  • The ease of use and ease of cleanup make this machine a great choice for a beginner or more advanced home barista. I love that this machine has the option for coffee pod use, just in case you don’t want to tackle loose espresso grounds quite yet.
  • The large 32 oz. water tank allows for more time between refilling; 32 oz. of water will make 3 to 4 coffee drinks.
  • The Self-primer makes for faster espressos and cappuccinos, cutting out the need for a long warm up process.
  • Most customers state it makes a wonderful cup of cappuccino or espresso.
  • The dual filters leave you the choice of ground espresso or pods, choose your favorite, or use both depending on the time that you have to spend.
  • This product is affordably priced, making it available to even the most budget conscious coffee lover.
  • The space saving size allows it to fit on your counter-top, without taking up too much valuable space.


  • The frothing wand is only 3-¼ inch above counter top, so you are going to need to use smaller coffee mugs.
  • The distance from Grounds basket to the drip tray is only 2 ½ inches; again, this gives you less space to maneuver your coffee cup.

All in all, I think this is a product worth trying.  It’s affordable and space-saving attributes are priorities on my list of things to look for in a great espresso cappuccino machine for a beginner.  It’s dual filters and dual thermometers, have landed it a spot on my list of small appliances to buy.