I purchased my first Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker ten years ago, about six months after they first hit the market. I was newly married and we had no coffee maker. We were on a very tight budget, so I could not afford the price of the Cuisinart Brew Central at that time, which was $100.

I did not want any other coffee maker, I had my heart set on the DCC-1200, but we needed our coffee fix each morning. So, I went to various yard sales and found a tiny 4-cup coffee maker that was $2.

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I bought the tiny coffee maker, promising myself that I would save up the money for the DCC-1200. I was in love with the retro design, especially the flip switches, and the brushed metal exterior. There was nothing like it available at the time. This was back in 2001, and stainless steel appliances were just starting to become all the rage. I certainly couldn’t afford a stainless oven, dishwasher or refrigerator, but that cute little coffee maker was within my reach!

I saved up for about six months, and still didn’t have enough for the machine that I had dubbed the best coffee maker. My mother came to visit about that time, and was horrified that we had been using the miniature coffee maker for six months. It only made enough coffee for two people to have a big mug, so we had to brew a second pot, just to serve all three of us.

My mother gave me the rest of the money on the spot, on the condition that we could go buy it that same day. She wanted the chance to get to use it before she left.

That first Cuisinart Brew Central lasted me nine whole years before it finally stopped working. We had to replace the carafe twice, due to carelessness on our part, but the machine worked fabulously, up until the day it died.

Once it died, we decided to purchase another, only this time, we didn’t have to save for six months and get my mother to foot the rest of the bill!

Speaking of Mom, she ended up purchasing one for herself after using ours. She too fell in love with the retro design, and all of the features of the DCC-1200.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Coffee Maker Review

I’ve already mentioned the retro design several times, but now, the Cuisinart DCC-1200 has different colors available.

You can now get the Brew Central in:

  • Black and Chrome
  • Black and Brushed Metal
  • Matte Black Metal
  • Metallic Pink
  • Metallic Red

So now, the Cuisinart Brew Central will look at home in any kitchen, from retro to modern, and anything in between!

How Does The DCC-1200 help you brew the best cup of coffee?

One of the reasons why the Brew Central is one of the best coffee makers is because of all of the cutting edge features.

The DCC-1200 has:

  • A charcoal water filter– this will ensure that your water is pure with no funky tastes or smells to keep your coffee tasting clean and delicious.
  • A gold-tone basket filter- you can use this as your filter, or you can purchase paper filters.
  • Brew Pause- for the morning when you just cannot wait for the whole pot to brew, go ahead and swipe a cup before anyone else.
  • 24 hour Programming Capability- I like to go ahead and re-program and set up my coffee maker for the next morning as soon as I have finished the last cup of coffee.
  • Automatic Shut-off you can program this to between 0-4 hours.
  • 1 to 4 Cup Brewing- if you are the only person drinking coffee, push this button and you will have a smaller pot of coffee that is just as hot as it would be if you had brewed a whole pot.
  • Self Cleaning Button- if you want to keep your coffee tasting delicious, you will need to run a vinegar/water mixture through the machine occasionally. This button tells you when it’s time.
  • Adjustable Hot Plate– you can decide if you want to keep the heat at high, medium or low. I always went with medium.
  • Finished Coffee Alert- I’m not sure what the technical name for this feature is, but it sure is appreciated! You will hear 5 beeps when the pot has finished brewing. The 5 beeps, combined with the best smell in the world make an awesome alarm clock. (Just kidding, it’s not loud enough for that.)
  • 3 Year Warranty- A 3 year warranty is great, especially when mine lasted 9 years. I think you can rest assured that you are getting a workhorse of a coffee maker with this model.

The Cuisinart DCC-1200 measures 7.8 x 9 x 14 (inches), which is a bit higher than most coffee makers, but it will still fit just fine underneath your upper cabinets.

Pros and Cons of the DCC-1200 Brew Central

This is my favorite coffee maker on the market, but I want to touch on my favorite features, as well as some things that could be changed.

Pros of the Brew Central:

  • Great smooth taste- this coffee maker brews the best coffee I’ve ever had from a home coffeemaker. The smooth taste is probably a result of the water filter. Make sure to change it out every 60 days, or 60 brews.
  • The Beautiful Design- this was what drew me to the Brew Central initially, and obviously. The retro styling, and uber cool dials and switches have made this coffeemaker one of the most popular, and inspired many copycats.
  • Tight Fitting Lid- the lid is tight fitting, and well constructed, especially compared to other coffee makers I have used, which are on a hinge. This lid snaps into place, ensuring that you won’t have any spills, dribbles, or drips when pouring your coffee. The lid is completely removable too, so it is not difficult to get it completely clean.
  • Easy Programming- Programming is not my strength, drinking coffee is. Even I can do it, enough said.

Cons of the DCC-1200?

  • The Height- as I mentioned earlier, this is a tall coffeemaker. It does fit under standard sized cabinets, however, you will have to slide it out to fill it with water and coffee grounds.
  • Replacing Water Filters- the filters need to be replaced every 60 days or 60 brews. The filter is one of the main contributing factors to the A-mazing coffee. However, if you don’t want to have to replace the filter, then just don’t. The machine still works fine without it.
  • The Location of the Water Reservoir- the water reservoir is located in the back right hand corner of the coffee maker. If you are left-handed, you may have a bit more trouble getting the water in the coffeemaker.