I have owned 3 Bodum French Presses; a small single serve version when I lived alone, and then the larger 34 oz. model as a wedding present, and then another 34 oz. model to replace the one that broke.

Truth be told, the only reason we stopped using the Bodum French Press and gave into buying a regular drip coffee maker, was because we started having babies! The French Press creates superior coffee, but it’s also a bit of a pain to clean which may go unnoticed if you are at a more leisurely stage of life.

My discovery of the French Press and its highly touted virtues started when I moved to Portland in my 20’s. I’ve always been a coffee fan as far back as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I moved to the Pacific Northwest that I learned just how seriously some people take their coffee!

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Before long, I discovered a particular coffeehouse that everyone in Portland raved about. They took coffee more seriously than anyone I knew.  After tasting just one little cup with cream and no sugar, I was a complete convert.

What made this coffee so special? As it turned out, this shop was fanatical about using an army of French Press pots exclusively to brew all their coffee.

One day I was in my neighborhood coffeehouse admiring the merchandise and decided to go ahead and purchase a pretty little Bodum Chambord single serve French Press. This is the model with the stainless steel frame, as opposed to the Brazil model’s plastic frame.

I used it faithfully until marriage created the need for a bigger coffee maker. So we used the larger 34 oz. Chambord model until a mishap broke the glass carafe. At that point we opted to replace the Chambord with the Brazil model, noticing the plastic frame, which may not have been as classy looking as the Chambord, but seemed more durable, and the lower price point wasn’t so bad either.

Bodum French Press

This french press extracts the perfect amount of essentials oils and acids from the bean for the maximum amount of flavor from your coffee. It’s both attractive and has a functional design at an affordable price.

The Bodum French Press is a very popular model of the French Press coffee maker. It is maybe one small step down from the Chambord, but it is still a French Press, so it will appeal to the coffee purists and connoisseurs, while offering a better value, and durability for everyday life.

Some features of the Bodum Brazil:

  • 8 cup, 34 oz. capacity- serves 2 big mugs of coffee, or 3 small mugs.
  • The glass carafe- is made with borosilicate glass so that it is more durable and resists heat, it is also dishwasher safe on the top rack.
  • Unique stainless steel mesh filter- keeps your coffee free of grounds, but unlike a paper filter allows the essential oils to come through, the mesh filter is dishwasher safe as well, on the top rack.
  • BPA free

Enough about me, my experience, and the specs. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, the pros and the cons of the Bodum Brazil.

Bodum Brazil French Press

You have a number of options to brew coffee, but many connoisseurs swear by the French press method.

Here’s the pros and cons for this particular coffee maker.


Portable– Using the Bodum Brazil French Press is not limited to places within close proximity to an electrical outlet. You can use it anywhere as long as you can come up with hot water and coffee grounds. It’s been mentioned that the Bodum Brazil is a lifesaver for people to take to work and keep at their desk, so they don’t have to be subjected to weak, office-friendly coffee!

Coffee quality– The Bodum will give you coffee at it’s best. No frills, just a straight cup of coffee, as good as it gets. Some even claim the coffee they get with the Bodum is the only coffee that won’t cause acid reflux!

Durability– The Bodum Brazil model can take more bumps and bruises than the Chambord.

Value– The Bodum Brazil is what many consider the finest method of coffee brewing for an incredible price when compared to the cost of the average drip coffee maker.


Cleanup– Some people aren’t bothered by the cleanup process of the Bodum Brazil, but truth is, it can take a few extra minutes to clean up compared to a drip coffee maker where not much more is required other than flinging the used paper filter and grounds into the trash. Besides, all parts are now dishwasher safe though, so you can always just put everything on the top shelf.

Spills– The Bodum Brazil claims its “Patented safety lid” prevents spills during the pressing process, but I have learned from personal experience that spills can sometimes happen. The easiest way to avoid this from happening, is by taking extra care to exert no more than the proper amount of pressure when pushing the plunger down.

Bodum French Press Coffee Maker

The Bodum Brazil French press provides a simple, hand operated coffee making experience. It is small, requires no power source other than your own arm, and while not as easy to use as a traditional drip coffee maker, appeals to the part of us that wants an old fashioned, more pure experience.

If you are looking for a more personal coffee experience, then the Bodum is a great way to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.