America’s Home Cooking: The Television Program

America’s home cooking is a wonderful show that demonstrates simple recipes for American daily life. This television series was created by Chris Fennimore, and showcases many aspects of American cooking. The current series has five episodes:

Cooking in a Crock-pot


Comfort food

Italian cooking

  1. Potatoes

At this time, America’s Home Cooking does not have any information regarding the potato section.

Crock-pot cooking is a great complement to American daily cooking. Crock-pots and slow cookers allow the user to do many other things while still cooking delicious meals.

Chris Fennimore demonstrates how people are using casseroles more and more. He also discusses various add-ons such as side dishes, appetizers and main dishes. The Crock-pot is a time-saving tool that can also be used to cook a variety of foods. Chris Fennimore outlined the four hot choices and provided recipes.

Soup for Wedding

Spinach Casserole

Liquid Lasagna

Apple Crisp

  1. Cookies

This is a strong point of the show. The TV program is more focused on cookies than other sweets like cakes, desserts, icecreams, and pies. This program provides information about different toppings, frostings and fillings. You can also team up with different cookies. This culminates to endless delicious sweet delicacies. This episode features Host Fennimore’s many specialties, including Ethnic Greek Cookies and Snickers Bar Cookies.

  1. Comfort Foods

Comfort foods are a staple of American daily cooking. Comfort foods are primarily divided into four parts by the people of this country:

i. Soups and Stews

These options will satisfy your cravings. These choices will warm your heart and soothe your soul.

ii. Classic Favorites

Another comfort food category takes you back in time to your childhood. These include many of the most beloved comfort foods, such as spaghetti, meatloaf, and meatballs.

iii. Ethnic Heritage

This category connects American citizens back to their lost generation.

iv. The Indulgent Foods

This category includes platters topped with sweets or desserts such as cheesecake. Chris Fennimore, host of this category, details the recipes for items such as:

Pasta with fried zucchini

Hot chili turkey and black bean chili; traditional meatloaf, gravy; dumplings

A peach dessert called “peaches and cream”; toffee coffee cakes, etc.

  1. Italian Food

America is a country with a diverse culture. America’s taste buds are constantly changing. This section of America’s Home Cooking offers tips, tricks, and recipes for blending American delicacies with Italian dishes. Chris Fennimore explains how to make your favorite hot dishes such as:

Chicken cacciatore

Pasta with sauce puttanesca

Alfredo sauce is heart healthy

Stuffed artichokes

Tiela is a traditional Italian dish.

Baked eggplant.

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