Aga Cookers are the Heart of Every Family Home

The aga cooker has been the symbol of uk cooking for 70 years. It is without a doubt the most popular cookware in the UK, and it is growing in immense popularity in the USA.

The Aga was created by a physicist. It cooks with radiant heat and retains all the juices and aromas from the oven. It is common in houses with an aga cooker, as people often congregate there.

Nils Gustaf Daen, a nobel physicist who created the aga, was awarded the Nobel prize for automating lighthouses. The aga was his creation. The accident at the industrial plant that blinded Dalen was one of the key turning points in the creation of the aga. Dalen then spent much of his time at home, coming to the conclusion that the cooker he used wasn’t efficient and didn’t cut it. The aga was created after 10 years of tireless efforts to improve the cooker. It was patented in 1922. The Aga was named after Dalen’s company Akteibolaget Gaz Accumulator. It made its way to the UK around 1930.

An aga cooker runs on one burner. Most Agas can be powered by natural gas or propane. A few models are equipped with electric ovens, but the best thing about an aga cooker? They never need to be turned off. This means that there is no need for you to heat up your oven before you start cooking. It is simple to prepare multiple courses simultaneously when entertaining.

The four-oven aga is the best. It has 4 ovens that can be used for baking, roasting or simmering. Each of the four ovens maintains a different temperature to suit their respective tasks. A four-oven aga also includes a hotplate and warming plate, as well as an optional gas stovetop. The aga is made from solid cast iron and coated in a fibreglass-like resin. It is available in 14 different colours, including the traditional black and white, as well as the bright claret and aubergine.

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