9 Things You Should Know About Barbecues

It’s almost like a custom, but Americans in America start to bulk purchase all their meats in spring. What do we know about barbecuing?

1) Barbecues were invented in pig-pickin’s. Before the civil war, it was common to host elaborate outdoor parties. They would roast a whole pig on an open fire.

2) Smoking has been used to cook and preserve food for more than 6 millenia. To prevent bacteria from growing, the meat was given a low heat and bellows of smoke.

3) Barbecuing, although not very common, is an experience where the meat is cooked at temperatures comparable to boiling water to preserve the flavor. Broiling is the most popular method today. This allows for faster cooking and results in meat that’s more tender.

4) Flame-roasted marshmallows account for half of all marshmallows in the United States, according to the Barbecue Industry Association.

5) Bathroom scales are one of the most simple ways to check the gas tank level.

It is not clear where the term barbecue originated. It is believed that the word barbecue originated from barbacoa, an American Indian term for a wood used in cooking.

7) Add liquid smoke to food you prepare on a gas grill or to food you make inside your home.

8) Brisket is a dense cut of meat that comes from the cow’s chest and cooks on a barbecue in about 1 to 2 hours. For a basic 8-pound piece, this means that it takes an average of 12 hours to cook on the grill.

9) Kansas City (Missouri) and Lexington (North Carolina) both claim to be barbecue capitals. Memphis claims to be the capital of pork barbecue.

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