8 Simple Commonsense Cooking Tips

Are there any lumps in your white wine sauce? If you make white sauce (bechamel), or any other sauce that needs slow cooking to thicken, you can use an egg whisk to whip it up. You won't get any lumps.

Your open barbecue can be transformed into a gourmet oven. You may be interested in trying a new barbeque method that doesn't require a hood. Use a lid for a wok or other dome lid. This is a great idea. This is great for roasting meats while camping.


You will never buy frozen pastry again. Are you a terrible baker? Instead of using a hand mixer, use a kitchen blender. You may need to use slightly less liquid than what is required in the recipe. Simply run the mixer until the pastry is formed into a ball. You may need a little more liquid if the pastry doesn't form into a smooth ball. It all depends on the recipe used for your pastry.

Are your scones more rock-like? You can make scones in no time at all. Some people can't make scones, no matter how hard they try. The problem is usually too complicated. This problem can be solved by using the whiz.

Make your scones so that people and family can sit at the table while you prepare them. Also, the more time you spend making scones means that it will take less effort to handle them. After adding the milk, the mixture should be very moist and not dry.

To add four more, place your hands on a floured board. It should take about 5 to 8 seconds. You can gently pat the scones into shape, or cut them into any shape you like - square or round.

Scones taste best when they are cooked in a rising oven. This means that your oven should be turned on just before you begin to make your scones. However, the oven will not reach the desired temperature until it is time to bake them.

This is how I learned to make scones. I learned this technique from my crewmates on a yacht. This is why I mentioned having a waiting audience. It was a small, benchtop gas oven. I would turn it on at maximum temperature, then add the milk and flour. The result was amazing and they were very impressed. My skills in scones were not what I expected, as my mother couldn't make them. Hers came out looking like bullets.

My mother was 65 when I converted her to making scones with the kitchen whiz. She was amazed at how easy it was for her to finally make a good scone.

Scones were a popular morning tea option, I might add.

Are your curries dry? Are you having trouble determining if a curry or casserole is cooked? The dish is considered cooked when the oil (fat), rises. Every meat dish casserole has some fat. When this fat is released, the meat becomes cooked.

Is there a missing ingredient? Perhaps you've ever tried to make a casserole or curry but couldn't find the right ingredient. It might seem like the flavors don't really go together. It's a tiny intangible ingredient that is missing. You will be amazed at how sugar can blend the flavours and make them more harmonious. You will find that the flavours no longer fight each other.

Have you ever misplaced the salt pot while cooking? Did you ever add just a little too much salt to a recipe? To correct this, don't add sugar. Instead, squeeze some lemon juice.

I don't like washing roasting pans. Are you a potato lover who loves to roast potatoes but hates washing the pan afterward? This is an easy way to roast potatoes that uses less fat. Each potato should be cut in half with its skin on. Spread a little margarine on the cut side. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, if desired.

Lay the buttered potatoes, buttered side up, on a sheet aluminum foil wrap. Seal the foil by folding it in half. Place the foil in a 200°C oven and bake for approximately half an hour. Once the potatoes are cooked, remove the foil from the potatoes. Toss the foil in the trash and you have crispy roasted potatoes with no mess.

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