5 Cool Ideas For Food Storage

Keeping a store of nonperishable food items is a good idea for a number of reasons. First, it means that you have a supply of food in case something happens such as a natural disaster, a power cut, or economic troubles. And second, it means that you can save money on a regular basis by dipping into your long term food supplies.

Whether you have a fully stocked food storage, or you are just looking to create one, you are always looking for new ideas for survival food. So here are a few cool ideas to help you with your food storage.

Shoe Rack

One of the problems that some people have with food storage is that they just have no place to put their food. However, often this is not true. Just because you don’t have a big basement, a garage, or even a pantry or empty cupboards in which to store extra food, doesn’t mean that you have to go without. It just means that it is time to get creative with your storage techniques. Do you have any space at the bottom of your wardrobe? Perhaps it is covered in shoes? Luckily cans stacked on top of cans make for a perfect shoe rack!

Trash or Treasure?

If you don’t have any space in your wardrobe, another good storage idea is the humble trash can. This is great for not only your long term food storage, but also for everyday needs, such as food for your dog or other pet. For a less conspicuous option, try putting your food in a box or crate with a lid and covering it with a table cloth. Put it in your bedroom or living room and you have an end table.

Powdered Products

In your emergency food supply you are going to want all types of food, and something for every food group. When it comes to thing such as dairy however, this can be easier said than done. The good news then, is that you can get most food items in powder form through dehydrating or freeze-drying techniques. Things such a milk, eggs, cream, and even whole meals are available this way. This also eases storing, as powdered food takes up much less space.


Canning is another great food storage technique. It can save you money and space, as well as helping you to make use of leftover produce that you were unable to eat. There are a lot of different canning methods, but some of the most commonly canned products are jam, vegetables (pickled), salsa, and nuts. Survival food doesn't always have to be freeze dried or store bought.

Plastic Tubs

Another great storage method for those who have no space, you can make use of those plastic storage containers that are designed for moving and storing clothes. The great thing about them is that they fit perfectly in the spaces of your house, such as right beneath your bed, or underneath your stairs. These kinds of boxes are sturdy, so they really can be stored anywhere, and you can put them on top of things, or put things on top of them.

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