11 Tips for Making the Best Pork Ribs

Barbecuing can be risky. It’s great to invite friends and family to your barbeque, but how can you be sure it will turn out well? Is it possible that it isn’t as delicious as the one you made last time?

Even for the most seasoned Barbecue veterans, it can be difficult to get your meat consistently delicious. It’s possible, I assure you. Here are 11 tips to help.

1. You want ribs that have a uniform amount of meat. Also, avoid buying a slab with fatty meat on one side and fleshy on another. Avoid slabs with exposed bones.

2. One pound of ribs is enough for each guest. This is a large serving, but for more appetites, you can make it two!

3. Use a sharp knife to remove the membrane from the underside of the meat when you prepare it. It will block the flavor intake.

4. Marinate your ribs in the refrigerator and not at room temperature.

5. You shouldn’t even consider boiling the ribs. Boiling the meat can cause it to lose its flavor. You don’t have to cook your ribs first, but you can steam them instead. This will lock in the flavor.

6. Make sure to coat your ribs with oil before placing them on the grill for smoking or barbecuing.

7. Barbecuing demands constant attention! It is important to watch your barbecue and be attentive as soon as the meat touches the grate. You should monitor the temperature of the ribs and not exceed 250°F. The best ribs can be cooked slowly for five hours over indirect heat.

8. You can put down the fork! Once your meat is on the grate, you should always use tongs to help it. If you don’t need to, why pierce the meat?

9. Avoid sugar if you plan to use it for basting during cooking. Use vinegar and/or water-based products.

10. The BBQ sauce should only be added to the meat after the final 20-30 minutes. If you wait too long, the BBQ sauce will caramelize and cook your meat.

11. Allow the ribs to cool for about 10-15 minutes before serving. This is a nice gesture. You don’t want your guests to be sucked in by a hot sauce. It’s possible to lose friends.

The only thing left is to implement these tips. Enjoy barbecuing! Enjoy!

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