10 Easy Ways To Create a Minimalistic Kitchen In Your Home

As the kitchen is the heartbeat of any home, investing to upgrade your cooking space is amongst the smartest decisions a homeowner could make.  There are many creative ways to minimalise your kitchen in order to maximize your cooking space, especially if your kitchen is small or you don’t have the budget to knock down walls and extend the actual current physical space.

Here are some 10 easy ways to create a streamlined minimalist kitchen that not only looks good and well organized but also affords you the luxury of having the maximum space in which to work.

1. Clear away the clutter

One of the primary reasons why a kitchen seems pressed for space is too much clutter, especially on the countertops. Clearing away the clutter is one of the most affordable ways to maximize cooking space and all it takes is some time, energy and planning without requiring any budgetary investment.

2. Place unnecessary items away in storage

Remove every piece of equipment and utensils from the countertops, then display only one or two of the most essential items that are used on a daily basis, such as your juicer or coffeemaker. Place the other items away in storage, either in the kitchen or in nearby space. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this one action not only makes your kitchen look more streamlined and orderly but also increases the amount of space you have for prep work and cooking.

3. Invest in some storage solutions

When you need to store things in the kitchen, keep items organised by groups in containers or attractive baskets. Use the inside of a cabinet door to position a memo board that can hold coupons and other reminders rather than cluttering up the refrigerator door.

Attach rods onto the walls or the sides of a utility cart for hanging essential utensils, where they are kept handy yet tucked nicely away. and replace freestanding trash and recycling bins with containers that slide into a cabinet under the sink and remain out of sight when not in use.

4. Make use of the ceiling above

Maximize the use of your kitchen ceiling by attaching hooks for hanging smaller utensils. Rather than having lots of cabinet above, provide one big storage space, consider making it more space efficient by converting it with drawers to provide several layers of storage capacity.

5. Revisit your colour application

Refreshing a kitchen with a new coat of paint is among the most affordable ways to help the room appear streamlined and give small spaces the illusion of being more expansive than they really are. It’s important to stick with colour schemes that highlight pastels or light colours on both walls and floors in order to avoid having the room have a closed in feeling.

6. Look for streamlined appliances

Since appliances are the biggest investment in kitchen design, why not choose to have them built in whenever possible to create a minimalist appearance. Microwaves, for example, built into the cabinetry free up lots of valuable counter space.

Dishwashers and ranges maximize available space either through built-in construction, by sliding the unit into an available recessed space, or being a portable unit that can stand at the end of a counter and then be repositioned as needed.

Integrated cookers, as well as refrigerators can be built right into the wall and are among the most popular ways to hide appliances, yet keep them very convenient to use when needed.

7. …And look out for appliances designed with mirror surfaces

Appliances with a mirrored surface can help a small kitchen space look much brighter and larger and provide the perfect minimalistic look for your home.

8. Introduce an island

Homeowners undertaking a kitchen remodelling project to free up more space should investigate the many benefits of adding an island in the centre of the room. A kitchen island can increase the amount of cooking space, serve as the perfect location for storage closets, hidden waste receptacles and built-in appliances, as well as offer an additional cooktop or provide a second work station separate from the main countertops.

9. Get creative

Get creative with homely touches and introduce minimalist flower vases to replace the cluttered bunches you currently have on display. Remove busy pictures on your wall, to replace with minimal imagery, or nothing at all.

10. Keep it clean

Home owners can’t expect a minimalistic kitchen to stay minimal with unwashed dishes, dusty window sills and dirty worktops. Ensure that your room is sparkling clean to minimalise your kitchen and maximise your cooking space.

Laura Waite writes for RDO who are suppliers of kitchen appliances in Surrey, UK.

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