Easy and Gluten Free Baked Salmon Dishes

Salmon is an extremely popular type of oily fish. Considered healthy due to its increased amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and vitamin D, salmon is an excellent source of good cholesterol. Based on the specie used to cook the meal, salmon has between 24 and 214 mg/100 g of fat.

Whether we’re consuming farmed salmon from Loch Duart – one of the most renowned companies on the market, or wild salmon fished from the ocean, there’s no doubt that the benefits are endless.

In the following lines we’re introducing several delicious gluten-free dishes based on salmon. Prepare yourself an easy yet scrumptious meal without having to worry that you’ll gain weight. As a matter of fact, salmon is a fat burning food, which means that the more you eat, the faster it will be to lose weight.

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Top Five Festive Desserts

It’s that time of year again, a time for fun, laughter, and (you guessed it) sweet festive desserts that will help us pack on the pounds during this delicious month or so of festivities.

Festive desserts vary from region to region, and country to country. With that said, even if you don’t know the difference between gelato and ice cream you’ll most certainly know all the lucky entrances in this list, and if you’d forgotten about a couple since last year, hopefully this will serve as a fitting reminder for you to get back into the kitchen and serve up all the sweetness that the magic of the season has to offer. Here are our top five festive desserts (unordered):

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What’s the Difference Between Gelato and Ice Cream?

Everyone loves ice cream. Period. But then you hear someone say gelato is better, and you’re left wondering what they’re talking about. Gelato is the Italian interpretation of “ice cream”, and the two desserts can be distinguished by several factors. Each one has its own unique characteristics listed below, and you can use this knowledge in coming up with fabulous dessert ideas in the future.

Preparation method

The ingredients used for gelato feature much more concentrated proportions of egg yolk and milk. As the name implies, ice cream is made with significant amounts of cream, and the mixture is frozen at lower temperatures. Gelato is stored in warmer containers and can be prepared with slow churning motions. On the other hand, machines are often used for mixing ice cream ingredients.

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How to make Maine Lobster Corn Chowder in your Kitchen?

Any form of sea life consumed by humans as food is seafood. It includes fish and shellfish. Shellfish is further classified into various sorts of echinoderms, mollusc and crustaceans. In the past, sea mammals like whales and dolphins were also consumed as food but humans these days refrain themselves from eating these mammals.

In North America, any fresh water organisms eaten by humans are called seafood. So, the entire aquatic life can be considered as seafood.

Seafood is a vital source of animal protein in the human body.  They contain several nutrients and minerals which improve the brain functions and reproduction in human being.

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Cooking Up A Storm in the Kitchen – Embellish the Ambience of Your Cookery

kitchen ambienceThese days the importance of the kitchen can never be overemphasized. Unlike our grandmothers who often made do with small, dark and dingy rooms, and wood or coal burning stoves, the modern kitchen is more often than not, large, airy, spacious, with natural light streaming in.

Whereas earlier, the kitchen was mostly tucked away at the back of the house or even in an outhouse, away from public view, the modern kitchen is often the first room one sees when entering an apartment. It stands to reason then, that it has to look good. Moreover, with the lady and mistress of the house (and, increasingly, the lord and master too) doing the honors of rustling up a meal, the cook-house is becoming the central room of a household.

Here, too many cooks do not spoil the broth – with papa, mamma and all contributing their little mite to set the pot boiling, the resulting soup is fragrant and tasty indeed, and many a time the family prefers to pull out handy counters and have their meal in the cozy comfort of the kitchen itself.

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