Cook Like A Pro: What’s In A Professional Kitchen?

Many people would like to fancy themselves a brilliant mind in the kitchen, but part of being the best, is having the right equipment to get the job done. But what kind of equipment graces the restaurant kitchens of the top chefs in the world? What are the items that you absolutely must have in order to have a properly functioning kitchen? Well, you’re about to find out. It is no hidden secret, in fact, chefs love to talk about their favorite tools and gadgets, and if you want to cook like a pro, you better make sure you have a kitchen that is up to scratch.

If You Cook It, They Will Come

Every kitchen needs the right tools to get the cooking done, and that is especially true in a restaurant kitchen. You will not find items that out of the ordinary from what you would find in a home kitchen at a restaurant except for the fact that chefs tend to know when you need to spend a little extra for the higher quality equipment in order to have the best tools for cooking. Men’s Health Magazine spoke with Chef Dan Felder from the Momofuku Culinary Lab in New York, and they asked him, what does every home kitchen need? Felder explained that what any good cook wants out of their equipment is that it can serve multiple roles and that it will last and last through the years.

Here are some of the items that Chef Felder suggested every kitchen should have:

–          A cast iron skillet. You do not have to run out and buy an entire set of cast iron pots and pans, but you should have at least one, good cast iron skillet, says Felder. The benefit of cast iron over another pan like a nonstick pan is that it will not scratch and ware away over time. If used wisely, you can get a lifetime out of this pan.

–          A simple, rubber cutting board. It is easy to clean and it will not damage your knives. You do not need anything fancy with tons of features, just a simple board that will allow you to do all of your chopping and cutting.

–          Mixing bowls. You will want a few of these in varying sizes because they are that useful. From prepping to mixing and even serving—your mixing bowls may turn out to be one of your most used items in your kitchen.

Heavy Duty Cooking Gadgets

Of course, there is always the allure of the top-of-the-line restaurant kitchen equipment (here) that you see all of the greatest chefs using on TV. Equipboard took a close look ar Chef Mario Batali’s kitchen to see the gadgets he was using, so that you can get them for your kitchen too. These appliances are not necessary to have in a kitchen, but they can certainly speed up the cooking process and make you a more efficient cook. For example, having a blender that doubles as a food processor is probably one of the most helpful small appliances you can have in your kitchen, and all of the pros have one.

To cook like a pro you need to have tools like the pros. So get stocked and get cooking.

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